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“Attending Ray of Hope groups has been a life changing experience. Each meeting is full of wisdom, compassion and solidarity. They have played a tremendous role in helping me heal from losses in my life and opened a hidden door to my inner world.“

Rabbi Shalom Yona Weis

Ray of Hope is an organization providing a literal life support system for survivors and ultimately thrivers of sexual abuse. We must find ways, financially and otherwise, to help this groundbreaking organization in their critical efforts to ease this devastating and insidious pain. We cannot rest until, at the very least, they are armed with… Continue reading Rabbi Shalom Yona Weis

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

Ray of Hope is . . . nothing less than Piku’och Nefesh. May we be zoche for the time that such help will no longer be necessary. Until then, please lend your support to this vital new organization.