Ray of Hope offers bimonthly confidential and professionally moderated support groups.

Ray of Hope was founded to provide a safe space and supportive atmosphere for Jewish women who experienced sexual abuse. At its core, Ray of Hope is an organization that fosters a sense of belonging and companionship for women who may feel isolated and alone because of their lived experiences. The support the women of Ray of Hope feel cultivates an environment centered around healing, recovery, and resilience.

Our twice monthly support group meetings are facilitated by licensed therapists. Together, the therapists and women focus on identifying feelings of shame that often arise as a result of sexual abuse while simultaneously exploring and acknowledging each individual woman’s sense of  courage, strength, and value. During the meeting, members can be vulnerably honest without fear of judgement, knowing they will be met with unconditional acceptance and validation.

These meetings are a space for survivors to learn and share life lessons and skills that have been helpful throughout their personal journey. The space offers survivors the opportunity to build friendships that provide fellowship while also navigating and coping with their trauma and the associated personal challenges. With a focus on mindful practice, members are able to connect with the present moment and create a mindset focused on experiencing and living a life of healing.

Our goals

To provide a healing environment.
To foster courage, self-respect, and self-esteem.
To encourage friendship and support.
To offer skills and lessons.

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