Our Story

Ray of Hope was founded by Zeldy Broyde in 2019 to use her power of connecting with people to build a world where Jewish women had access to the tools they need to heal from sexual abuse. Ray of Hope’s goal is to foster a safe environment to help survivors create a supportive community dedicated to a journey of healing.

One survivor shared with Zeldy the difficulty she experienced as a result of working through the experience of Sexual Abuse She said it was overwhelming — and often isolating. At the time Zeldy was involved with her office job but she realized that for survivors of to heal, they need support and community. Zeldy realized how to create this community, so she felt she needed to turn her idea into a reality. She studied the benefits of support groups for survivors, an area where she felt she could make a difference.

In 2019, before Zeldy founded Ray of Hope, she met a woman who wanted to form a support group with other survivors to reinforce and sustain each other in their shared journey toward healing. Zeldy says, “A lightbulb went off. I discovered a calling to help foster a safe space for survivors. It encouraged me to create a way for women to clearly see who they really are and heal together. Zeldy and this woman started a group in Brooklyn, where adult female survivors met biweekly to support each other. Building on the success of the initial community, Zeldy founded Ray of Hope to share the healing environment of Ray of Hope’s support groups across the country.