Our Story

Ray of Hope was founded by Zeldy Broyde in 2019 to help build a world where Jewish women, men, and families have access to the tools that they need to heal from sexual abuse and its traumatic effects. Ray of Hope’s primary goal is to provide survivors a safe and supportive community dedicated to their journey of healing.

Zeldy’s inspiration came from a meeting she had with a woman who was a survivor, and the discussion which they had regarding the lack of supports and resources available for people who have survived sexual abuse. “I discovered a calling to help foster a safe space for survivors. It encouraged me to create a way for women to clearly see who they really are and heal together.”

The first group was formed in Brooklyn. Adult female survivors met twice a month to support each other, with the guidance and facilitation of a trauma therapist. Building upon the success of this initial community, Zeldy founded Ray of Hope to spread the healing environment of Ray of Hope’s support groups across the country. To date, Ray of Hope has helped organize many more groups led and facilitated by experienced trauma therapists. The groups are both in person and virtual, located within many varied Jewish communities.

In 2022, David Kohn, LCSW, an experienced and well-established trauma therapist, joined Ray of Hope as the Director of Clinical Operations. Together, Zeldy and David look forward to expanding the scope and reach of Ray of Hope’s successful approach to building healing and supportive communities for survivors of sexual abuse. This includes groups for female survivors in additional communities and locations, as well as groups for male survivors and other family members.